Monday, September 29, 2008

Summer Garden Tanjung Bungah

I have heard of this Summer Garden cafe somewhere along Lembah Permai area in Penang, but I couldn't find the place previously.
It's a corner house just along the main road (near TAR college) after the winding road of Mt Erskine.

It seemed to be cozy, since it's Summer Garden.
However, I find that the price is quite costly, yet the food is just so-so.

Here's the bar counter:

And the non-smoking area with comfy couch:

And we could actually use this to call for services, CALL/BILL/WATER.
Cool huh?

I tried some milk+honey+yolk summer drink.
I could only taste strong honey taste in the milk. The egg taste was barely there.

And, the two mushrooms are pathetic yet expensive!!
Guess it's a place for relaxation!


Shirokishi said...

And spending money... don't forget it's also a great place to spend money :P

Karen said...

eh.. what else you eat? eat mushrooms only ar? Can full meh?

Pei said...

abt ur drink, if u taste the egg yolk, then i guess it's be yieks..;p

mei yi said...

u heard of milo + egg?
it's actually energey drink and it's good!

mei yi said...

karen: had ice cream crepes too! but it's not for dinner so i din take pics of main meal

yileen said...

The call/bill/water is freaking cool! I wanna have one having the options "food/feet rub/hug" for my dbf!

mei yi said...

yileen: tat's a good idea....