Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Saddening Stories of Penang

I'm still puzzled about the political situation in the nation.
Now, it's hitting on so badly in Penang.

While the government asked us to read all the nilai-nilai murni in our Moral Education at school, and making us taking moral exams that we can't score, why are they not LEADING the nation by example?

Why are they confusing us?
They talked about racial unity. Are they really practising it?
They talked about being all one multicultural nation. Why are they discriminating chinese? Do they ever consider us as part of them?

I felt so much of childish-ness in the leaders of today.
Just because they have the power to be in control, they are acting like a spoilt brats.

Things are getting out of control.
Political changes are getting out of control.

- meimeizoe who is political illiterate speaks


Dragon said...

i just sit back, relax and wait to see the "good show" from them.

mei yi said...

That's what I'm doing now!
I can't even cope at work.
What more the outside world.

Shirokishi said...

They are a joke and showing everyone what a joke they are. But it's a joke that's getting tired. If they can't do the job of getting M'sia back on it's feet (it's in this condition thanks to them), then they should have the grace to move aside and let someone else clean up their mess.