Monday, September 29, 2008

Annabelle's Place

It's a new BSG housing area along Lembah Permai (again).
I guess each house would cost at least half a million or so.

There are two rows of shop houses which seems to cater for the upmarket.
I fumbled upon this Annabelle's Place cafe (named after the owner, Annabelle Teow).

The setting is very, very English/British-like.
I won't say it's replica of Winters' Warmers, yet it's somewhat similar.

What I like what it has Afternoon Tea Set which cost Rm6.90 each, that comes with a pot of tea and 2 scones.
It felt like Cameron highlands (T-cafe) or perhaps, Penang Hill (David Brown) ?

The ambience is just so cosy.
And here comes my carbonara fettucine.

The plates are BIG, yet the servings is just too little.. :(
The spoon is huge and reflective for a good check on the acne on our face!

I was served by Annabelle's mother, and I would say she was indeed very friendly and it felt very much like a family business + cosy environment.

I would definitely go back there one day!



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Dragon said...

always heard u go for tea. so relax!

Shirokishi said...

It's a pretty cosy and pleasant place, I'll definitely be back to try the tea-time items :D

Pei said...

wow!it's really nice..the table setting & those chairs r nice..i wan to go to try out too..

mei yi said...

pei: yes.. we go together ya?

yileen said...

Wow! That plate is crazily huge!!