Thursday, September 04, 2008

SO PISSED with Advertlets

It explains again that I DON'T read instructions.
I removed my blog entry on Celebrity Fitness that i spent an hour of writing it (ok.. a little of exaggeration).

I just realised that I have to be a TITAN member.
What the heck.
I think TiTANs don't need free passes.

It's always the 'poor souls' who need them.

The rich would become richer.
And the poor would some sort lost in the cyberspace.


Alice Teh said...

Mei Yi... does this mean you're not participating in the BBB thingy anymore?...

mei yi said...

yeah lorrr!!!
i'm not eligible.. :(
thx for your note..
mr vanity (my colleague) told me that it's ok not to remove the post. :s
but i find it no point already, because i'm so so so sad that I can't get free gym passes.

natz said...

Owh, you poor thing...
After all that effort...

mei yi said...

hey natz.. from pcc? do i know u?

natz said...

Mei Yi dear.
It's me.
anna tan.
You know me. From Ibridge.

mei yi said...

i didn't know ur nick is natz.
of course i know u laaaaaaaaaaa.. lol