Wednesday, September 03, 2008

On my way to BKK... at the airport..

I was alone... thus I camwhore on my own..
and the extension of Penang Airport with more check-in counters:
Thai Airways airbus
A view of Penang airport from the window..
Fabulous, isn't it?
I hated the tumeric sauce that I messed it on my blouse.

The milk that I literally took from the plane back to the hotel and to the plane and to my house :D


Karen said...

The milk part was funny. It went around the "world" with you. hehehe..

Is it still in the fridge? hmm..

mei yi said...

i drank it already

Shirokishi said... would have gone great with this bowl of cornflakes I've got right now :P

Dragon said...

where did u go??

mei yi said...

bangkok la friend :)