Friday, September 12, 2008

Miss Saigon, E-Gate Penang

Was trying to take the effects of the dripping sauce of the vietnamese spring rolls.And the watever BBQ stuff they had.
And the bamboo beef..
That comes with Instant Vietnamese Coffee.

It's a little pricey, but there is a set lunch promo on weekdays, with smaller servings.
Each set comes with a drink (I took the coffee, definitely).

I doubt I would want to visit here in the near future.
It's really pricey since it's Vietnamese Fine Dining.
I could imagine that I had really cheap food while I was at HCMC then.


Shirokishi said...

I love Vietnamese coffee, almost as much as their spring rolls. But fine dining there a bit too high class.. which reminds me, I saw a Vietnamese theme restaurant in Juru AutoCity last week. I think it's called the Golden Triangle :)

mei yi said...

Golden triangle can be found in Queensbay mall la.
U dont have to travel so far.
Anyway, tat's MIXED.
Thai-Vietnam-Cambodia? or something like that.

mei yi said...

or indo-chine it was..

Pei said...

i like the coffee, it tasted something different from what we usually had..
but but the spring rolls r tasteless & we can actually do it ourselves, not really worth the price..