Sunday, June 17, 2007

Unplugging nightmare

I have not been watching horror movies but so happened that my bro switched the tv to channel 30 (wah lai toi) for this movie..

It isn't the scariest movie of all, but it makes me waiting for the truth/plot of the whole story and mystery. Then when the truth is finally there.. i understood. :)

THe story speaks clearly about her childhood, with her dad having an affair with the maid. Her furious mom fought with the dad and killed the dad. It stirred up the mistress' anger and then killed the mom and following with killing herself.

It just speaks about how destructive it can be when relationships are not in good tune. A woman's fury is pretty scary, and she can do almost anything.
And, that also speaks that when the foundation of the relationship is not solid, lonely men didn't want to be lonely and ended up seeking outside relationships as they do not know how to solve their own problem.

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