Thursday, June 07, 2007

Tired after last night's dreams

Right now, I still remember my dreams vividly.
My friend had to drop off her bf to get his car (usually, in real life, she drops him off to the bus stop) back to KL. Upon dropping him, I had to attend for Children's church planning meeting. We were then asked to trace some pictures quickly.
One of the object lessons had to do with real poodle puppy. I had to splash water at the puppy till it's real wet and let it get all dried up again.
I was a bit worried brining the poodle back as I have no experience taking care of a pet.
I even had intentions to get a friend to help to take care of it.
It's quite cute as I could carry him like a baby and when it bites my fingers, it just don't hurt.


Anonymous said...

u got so many dreams one...terrible..

mei yi said...

aiyo wat to do!!?

Audrey said...

damn funny!