Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Penang Bridge Here I CoMe!

Today is my first day training up my stamina for the run which is in 10 days' time.

I'm not too sure if I'd die or if I'd have the stamina to go on, but I hope my 1 week intensive training would actually help.

I did 12 rounds (4o mins) around the small little playground while looking at women line dancing. My concentration was only on the number of rounds I was doing and was not exactly sensitive to the surroundings. I didn't even had time to see if there is any good looking guys around!

Even now, I'm feeling very exhausted.
I'll work harder on Friday. I would need to achieve at least 20 rounds which make up approximately 1.5 hours of run. I hope I could achieve 10km within 1.5 hours time frame.
I'm targetting low first.... of course, i hope for miracles to happen.


Anonymous said...

so admire you can go for trip and penang bridge, i can only work and work and work...

mei yi said...

u could do tat urself too.!