Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How to Do a Daniel Fast

Steps [edit]
A few days before you start the fast, make your meals lighter.
Eat less meat.
Set a date and time for when the fast will start and when it will end.
When the time comes, start off with prayer and don't make a selfish prayer. Make sure to include someone else in your prayers, and it does not matter what you pray for, as long as you direct your prayers to God the Father.
Pray often, maybe at least five times more than you normally do.
Pray in the Mighty name of Jesus.

Tips [edit]
The fast can last as long as you want. (Unless God has called you to fast, then you should fast as long as He wants.)
Do not eat meat or consume alcohol during this fast.
Stay away from sugars, sodas, cake, ice cream and other products with sugar. Honey is good, but make sure it is pure natural honey.
Make your meals vegetables, salads, fruit and water.
Drink at least 6 glasses of water each day, more when you are experiencing weakness or headaches. Often, we do not understand just how much our body needs water, especially when fasting.

Warnings [edit]
If this is your first time, you may get a slight headache.
During the time of fasting, you will face temptations, resist them in the name of Jesus Christ.
When you have finished fasting, eat light meals and slowly build back up to your normal diet.

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