Sunday, June 17, 2007

Gua Tempurung - Finally

The trip in gua tempurung was rather Good. Suprising, most of us were pretty early.
Even with the turn out of 30 ppl, most of them were punctual/early.
In fact, I was sort of a few minutes late.

The journey to Gua tempurung was smooth and praise God that there weren't any rain.
We were there early that we started our journey at about 10.15pm.
We went through the River adventure, with our torch all turned on, we ducked our heads along and there was a part where we did commando crawl..... and that explained my arm aches!
I must have not been exercising for a long time! Buck up, W-O-M-A-N!

We also did some slides and jumping and I think it was quite fuN!

Those group of working ppl are naturally very sporting and quick. They were also very punctual and have great sense of time. To my surprise, we reached home pretty early. Almost about 6pm.!!!

The top of the world adventure is just climbing the stairs, admiring how high the-inside cave was. If i'm not mistaken, it was 1000 over steps of stairs?

And towards the last part, we were walking out from the drain.

The river adventure reminded me about the CF camp I had in university long time ago when i was in Cyber. We were at Tapah and the SUFES advisor was Annette. At night, we had night trekking and we had to walk to the rivers. I still remembered I was so shy to be in partner with a guy that I ended up insisting to partner with another girl.... (aiyoh, holding hands were like not normal to me mah.. ). A lot of them had leeches all over and I was lucky those evil stuff missed me. And on the next day, we realised that the waters that we walked thru was actually the BIG DIRTY DRAIN!! arrgggghh.... ew... kesian our clothes. But, i don remember having brown panties like gua tempurung tho!

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