Friday, June 15, 2007

My prince charming

It has been a long while since I last list down the criterias of a guy I want. Perhaps, if there is any guys which come around, I should really make a check list and see if they fit into ALL my criterias:

1. A God-fearing christian
2. A christian who loves God more than me (Counsellor told me that this is very important)
3. Service for God (in church or other community)
4. Rich guy with stable career (Although $$ can't solve all the problem, but $$ can solve some of the problem)
5. Musically inclined (come on.. at least a guitar)
6. Able to swim, preferably someone who is a life saver before (come on, if i'm drowning, u can't save me?)
7. Able to carry me (fine, my weight may grow... but least can carry up to 55kg?? - in case i keep growing horizontally)
8. Able to ride a bike
9. Drives at least a Honda or Toyota (ok.. i'm getting too much)
10. Able to lavish and spoil me with gifts
11. Who loves McD French fries, Baskin Robbins.. the food oulets that I hang out
12. Enjoys reading (cause i can't read much.. he has to help me to cultivate some reading habits)
13. Kiamsiap in his ways (like me, hehee.. we could spend our weekends for freebies or even food tasting in Jusco supermarket)
14.Good sense of dressing yet simple in his ways - casual look
15. Photogenic (well, i'd love to take pics with him together)
16. Able to smoke/drink casually (i wouldn't want to make a fool out of my self when he got to cough when ppl challenge him the first puff of ciggies or he's all drunk in parties)
17. Good sense of directions (no way I could accept a guy who is lost - i don't want to guide him instead.... )
18. Animal lover (i never had pets and would love to learn to rear some pets myself from him)
19. Strong in God's word (whenever I don't understand any chapters, the first person that I would like to ask is HIM!!)
20. Able to sing (not a guy who croaks... blerk. )
21. Single and available - that's of course, in case of two-timers!!!!!!!!
22. Honest and truthful and not a liar
23. Able to skate/surf ( i wanna go in-line skating and ice skating with him)
24. Able to do all the domestic chores (cook, wash, clean) - hehehe. i'm going to marry a Maid
25. Good at sports (we could spend time together in the gym or play some tennis games - he picks the balls of course)
26. Someone who loves travelling
27. Great sense of humour (can be as sampat as me)
28. Outgoing and outspoken (able to attract crowd. i guess)
29. Ipoh Guy ( i don't know why, the moment i saw ipoh, i fell in love for the town)
30. Able to tahan my manja-ness

What the..... is there such a guy?
Dear Father in Heaven,
The Jehovah-Jireh, My provider......
There Iam, your child... submitting my request to you...
Please find such a person to complete my life.
In Jesus' name, Amen!


Audrey said...

Haha...dear god...pls find her one and find me one with that also...:P
Just that i will take off one that is the furnishing me with gifts..i dont need that...hahahahahah

mei yi said...

hehe. will let u know when i find a good candidate 4 u ok? :P