Sunday, June 24, 2007

I made it.....!!

Yippies. I Conquered Penang bridge!!!!!
Hahaha (sadly, it's just half of it)

It's my first time participating this yearly event, reason for joining this year is because they introduced fun run which is only a quarter marathon (10km). It's almost the same as starwalk beside the fact now I could run and jog or even walk at my own pace.

We assembled at RECSAM and I tell you... the crowd was horrible.
Lotsa junior runners (school teenagers) for the quarter marathon (competition).
They were already hogging the entrance of RECSAM and I got so pissed and shouted them to make way for people to get themselves registered.

As we about to begin at the starting line, there was pushing again. A lady was so mad that she shouted, "stop pushing, it's just a F*cking fun ruN". Gee... some were competition runners that she may not know.

We jogged and walked and overtook some jay walkers... and there were still plentiful of crowd. Far worst than star walk. The crowd is like white ants!! I could see thousands and thousands of people. As we passed by and u-turn for water, people were pushing and snatching for the water. So uncivilised. I wonder if anyone taught them manners. From the pushing crowd, I lost track of my friend and I had to complete the race alone. :(

We met up at finishing line and all the drink/food counters were again filled with crowd and it's just too many people that we left after getting the goodie bag. :P While queueing for my goodie bag, an uncle approached me and asked how much I paid for the marathon. I told him mine was Rm10. HE was comparing his (RM50) and mine (RM10), as both are still getting the same bag. Then again I thought, why did they have to pay so much to run so far where we can just join the fun run (RM10)? I do wonder the registration fees sometimes.

Overall, I still prefer starwalk as there was no pushing as everyone was forced to walk.
Finally......... :D
I think I will pursue for Half marathon in future (with more training). :P
I love working out, at least, i feel lighter now (after a few attempts of jogs around my house)

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