Monday, June 18, 2007

Great Singapore Sale - Must GO

Although it was just merely 4 days, I've spent about RM1k for food and accomodation and shopping. Last year, if I'm not mistaken, we stayed for only 3 days and all in all, I spent much lesser, probably around Rm400. The price for my accomodation was doubled since we picked Bugis area instead of Geylang. Same goes for bus ride, for the extra comfort for snoozer seat, I'd to pay some additional $$.

Of all places, I still enjoyed shopping around Bugis, Orchard and Vivocity.
Shopping is never enough. Sight seeing - mostly man made places.

The day when we arrived singapore was Wesak there. There were already tonnes of people walking around praying with joss sticks and offerings. Some were at the indian temple with the priests.

I love Bugis Junction... I realised that Singapore loves water fountains = $$?

Singapore discovery centre - nothing much to DISCOVER!!! SAME story as Malaysia!!!

While waiting for the Stupid merlion show..... i see ultraviolet.

At Merlion's head in Sentosa.. with Calsberg tower as the background. Faster take picture, as i don't think i wanna pay to enter the stupid merlion again.....

Stupid staff.. didn't take pic for us and we have to waste our time waiting for them!!!
We had 3 free 6Rs pictures. Make sure it looks good ok?

Weird shot... at clarke quay. don't understand why sister didn't want to look at the camera lens.

Singapore version of Bungee Jumping. G-Max right?

I enjoy shopping at vivocity. How to pronounce Vivo?

Esplanade from Marina Square view

The classic Merlion view from Esplanade.

Fountain of Wealth at suntec city. Supposed to go around the fountain which brings wealth.
And my slightly oversized tee.. I didn't notice that the size was huge, should have gotten the smaller size.

It's cheap though.. about SGD13.40 and in Penang, they are selling 2 for RM89.90.
Why so expensive one? Shouldn't they sell cheaper in Penang?

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