Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Gua Tempurung Trip

I'm supposed to go for Gua Tempurung trip this Saturday but before I even go there, I've dreamt about it two nights ago.

It started off with a big group going there, having a very long queue with the turnstiles.
Since we pre-booked the time slot, we were given the priviledge to cut the long queue.
The moment I enter into the cave, I was at the edge trying to test out the river/water. As I put my feet into the waters, somebody grabbed my feet and I was practically held and pushed floating above the waters. The time taken was really short. By the time I completed, I realised that I was at the end of the cave. Some of the visitors have completed their tour as well. I was like.. huh.. I haven't even seen the stagletites and staglemites!!! How about enjoying the view?
There were brochures/pamphlets at further up of the journey.

Then, seems like there was a stop by at a weird shop with lots of customers.

Last night, I think I dreamt about myself going to a Live Show. However, I can't recall anything.

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