Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Matchmaking Service

In my dept, all the women are either married or attached with a steady Boyfriend.
And, I'm stucked, not being able to INTROduce a DECENT man as my life partner to people.
Even though I tried falling in love, the relationships ended up in MISERY. How PATHETIC my life would be.

So, if you see people who are still single, it's not because they want to be single.
They tried and failed terribly.
Though I fell down deeply, I stood up and started to walk again.

And, funniest part is, my boss is so sweet to introduce a young, handsome engineer she met.
LOLz. Now, it's my story of Matchmaking, not my friend's anymore from the previous post. I was not being introduced yet, but I do wish that she would not pursue asking me out for lunch with him. It's going to be really awkard. She sent me some pics of him and from the outlook, he's decent laaa................................ but....... I don't quite the idea, and I still think God would be the best matchmaker. :P


dragon said...

hahaha, maybe he will be the one.

crazyyakuzaishi said...

so how??

Anonymous said...

So what is the outcome? - GOOD??