Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Being Blocked in IMs

Very often, we will block or send to ignore list to those strangers who has very weird chat ids, either for advertisement and for funchats.

What happens when you are blocking a friend? Or when you are being blocked by a person?
I did blocked people before, that is, if only they are chatting nonsense (if you know what i mean) and has no internet ettiquette.

How do I react to those who blocked me?
I've got no choice but LIVE with it. It's up to them if they treasure me as their friends or not. (obviously they don't).
Or either they are just being so siu-hei and not being a sport.

What if the whole world blocks me!?
No worries. I've still have a God who protects and comforts me.


Anonymous said...

sometimes there are other reasons for blocking as well...

dragon said...

i will not block u, dont worry.

mei yi said...

what would the reasons be then?