Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sally Yeh LIVE in Penang

I'm quite impressed with SP Setia. They were rich enough to invite Sally Yeh for a free concert to promote their latest housing development at Setia Pearl, Penang, Setia Alam, Shah ALam and Johore for three nights.
With my lousy low-end Olympus camera, I was able to snap pics of the stage with Sally Performing...
And the radio DJs.. forgot their names.. (tak meng?)
And short display of fireworks...
It's been a long time since I've done this.

I remembered, more than 10 years ago, I followed my friends for Huang An, and for red crescent duty, I had the priviledge to stand near the stage for Ekin Cheng and Julian Cheung ChiLam.

Cheung Chilam was someone whom I remembered until now. EVen as I watch his movies now, I'd proudly tell my family members that I've once shook his hands as I stopped the lift for him.
I also remembered anothere local female singer (i don't remember her name), she needed to go to the loo so much that I suggested her to go to the GENTS. I helped her to 'jaga pintu', to be on the guard. Wah... she must have waited so long that I could hear it as loud as turning on the water tap. Haha.


Simply Simply said...

You are so lucky!! I'd never met any celebrities in person :(

mei yi said...

never meh??? aiyoh..
just got to go out more.
KL got even more.. We see radio deejays everywhere...

i remembered i go carrefour subang, ning baizura was even singing in there

dragon said...

i used to go to those so call "ge you hui" last time. now, seldom.

i went to sally yeh concert and astro talented quest. it was nice!