Sunday, August 05, 2007

Public Pool

I do not stay in a condominium or apartment where they have facilities like gymansium or swimming pool. My friend wanted to pick up swimming so much that she asked me to go swimming together.

I was supposed to TEACH her!!
I never even gone thru proper swimming lessons before. Moreover, I only know one style - breast stroke - and that's about it.
I cant front crawl, butterfly, backstroke or even water threadding.

Anyway, I'm proud myself that I was able to teach her to FLOAT and do kicking (froggie and motorboat style)... She could move!

We were at Permata Complex.
The place is kinda dirty with lotsa teenagers and "mah-lat-lou". However, I think there is less crowd if I were to compare to PISA.
At the same time, I see family bringing their children for a swim.

Swimming lessons are cheap there. RM140 for 10 lessons.
I see many children learning from the father-and-son instructors.
I think I want to learn from my friends. FREE mah. And no expectations/pressure.


Dragon said...

swimming.... i also want to learn... i only can move using hands. haha...

next time u can come to my place to swim. :)

mei yi said...

hahaahahaha.. sure sure.
when ur house is ready la..
i wear bikini!

anyway. .when i swim, i also use hands... else use wat?