Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Gelato Ice Cream

It's been a while since the Lecka Lecka came to town and I've yet to try until last weekend.
We walked in being the first customers and the business is always slow everyday. I'm not too sure about during the night since this is a bar & restaurant, not an ice cream kiosk. They have liquor and bartender at the counter.

My first Lecka Lecka experience was in 2004 back in 1U. I didn't had lunch and was hungry and I think I grabbed tiramisu or that sort of brand in a small plastic cup.
I saw this promotion at the banner, RM9.90+ set lunch so I wanted to try so badly hoping that they would have some creativity in their cooking and presentation. The fish & chip was reasonably standard, chicken chop was humongous, and the jumbo sausage was cut into small pieces. We gave our suggestions to the chef not to chop his sausage but to present it as it is.
The dessert was little cups of Lecka Lecka Oreo and Cafe.

We wanted to try more, so we took flavours of chocolate, caribbean mix and amarena.
With only RM9.90, it came like a big chunk in a small sundae cup. The store manager (I think) was generous in scooping out the gelato.
Amarena sounded so much like macarena and it looked so much like blueberry vanilla and we were all shocked that it was ALMOND ice cream? I had durian , green tea and etc etc.. but never, ever ALMOND!! wow.... it really tasted like ALMOND.
and... guess what... the chocolate tasted like Van Houten chocolate powder.....
and mango tasted like MANGO??? hahaha.
and.. carribean mix tasted like mixture of fruits, passion fruit, pineapple and mango (I thinK!!)
I do wonder how they maintaned and preserved the taste?

They got frying pan too...

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