Thursday, August 09, 2007

Food to try..

I have heard about psyllium husk earlier but yet to try. Since I've a friend who had problems passing stools in the morning, we recommended him to try pysllium husk after failed to try many possible methods. Finally, the last remedy suits him best!

I was offered 1.5 tea spoons of pysllium husk with prune juice. I poured quarter of the portioning to my friend and had the rest as I'm afraid that I'd be on MC the day.

The next morning, everything was perfectly normal. But, the effects only took place after 12 hours! I felt something wrong... and I went to check it out... :D

Some facts:
1) The husk is actually the seed covering of Plantago plant
2) Source of water soluble fiber (just like oats and grains but the content is much higher)
3) It can't be dissolved in water but it will swell up 10 times from its original size thus, it would soften our stool
4) Acts like a sponge cleaning our system (intestines and colon)
5) Indigestable - comes out fat2 and soft2 stool
6) Lower blood pressure and cholestrol
7) Absorb FAT too!

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