Monday, August 13, 2007

Exercise is GOOD

It was a celebration week at church.

I remembered the statement made by Pastor that many people were too busy on a Sunday mornings for GOLF and the hokkien zone pastor interpreted that to "played golf and go for hiking". Pastor Isaac was looking at him with that why-did-you-added-some-stuff-as-u-interpret look. He replied him that old people usually go for hiking (pek sua in hokkien). Haha.

I had a choice, either to swim or hike. So, I told my friend, let's hike instead.

We went to our usual no. 5 Kopi-O with Roti-Tiao by the mountains. Kinda nice but sadly, it drizzled.

And.. the road to Terabithia (oops.. Road to no. 5)
reaching out for Jalur Gemilang..... NEgaraKu.

Yay.. we are at no. 5. - as shown on the flag....

Went to no. 3 for a plate of char mi-hun. It's like The Peak in Hongkong. Highclass only. Nice scenic view of Penang as we dine on the table.

My turn to eat... :P

Then fashion show at PAdino Concept shop fitting room. :D
GEmuk-nya Aku...

Wah. .so greedy.. so big shopping bag..!! It's mega sale!


Oracle loves Linux said...

i used to go hiking but no more got free time, better sleep on bed..because anytime also need to be pirate..hardcore pirate..

mei yi said...

apa ni..... pirate of the carribeans ke? don b on call d lah