Monday, August 13, 2007

Phone book Phone Numbers

What happens if there is an unfamiliar number called or SMS you on your cell?
As for me, I'd usually either SMS or call back if I've missed lost their numbers.... and from then onwards, I will keep the number.

It happens.
While mass SMS (with the hotlink promo), I managed to SMS to all my 012 friends just to say hi. :)
Some replied with another SMS, but there is one who lost my number and asked about my well being.

How about those who lost my number, over and over again?
I gave liao, he didn't add my number ,I gave again, he didn't add, I gave another time, yet didn't add.. I give up... what's the point right?

There are times I do house keepings on my phone book.
I delete those whom I dont' keep in touch anymore.
That's the wise thing mah. So I believe, that person has no heart to keep in touch with me anymore. :(

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