Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wishing for my very own domain -

I have been a blogger eversince!
I first started off from xanga (, copycat-ing most american bloggers then.
Then, I find that there were too many limitations on xanga that I switched back to blogger (I used to write personal journal in a separate account).

All my life, I thought, why not have my own domain since it isn't expensive, especially, if I start on a money making plan from blogging. Then again, now that there is "Born to Blog - B2B" domain and hosting sponsorship program.

It is free, with the below requirements (which is easy for most active bloggers):
1. Blog must be older than 3 months
2. Write a review on this sponsorship (I'm doing it now!)
3. Maintain 3 posts a week in the new blog
4. Place a link and banner of the sponsor

Easy as ABC. :)

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