Tuesday, November 02, 2010

False Alarm: Petrol Price Hike

My tank was almost empty last night and I thought of filling them up the next day.
And, the very next morning, I was told by my friend that that there is raise of 5cents.
I thought for a moment and asked myself (and her), as there were not any sms-es or mass emails being spread out.

And, I thought for a moment that my regular petrol (ron95) price did went up.
I filled my tank up to RM60 and there was no indication of it stopping. :D

I could not find any article. But I only find articles from individual bloggers that the price of RON97 has increased from RM2.10/l to RM2.15/l. RON95 remains as RM1.85/l.

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Sue said...

only Ron97 price increased lor. sianz