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Kopi Cine 珈啡电影 + Bon Ton The Shop

It took me a while to figure out what "Cine" is.
Should it be "Cine" as in "shine" or should it be "cine" as in "sini".

I was wondering, why are there chinese characters? And what does the chinese character says? It says "Jia Fei Dian Ying", which means, Coffee + Cinema.

So, I concluded that it was a coffee place for movies (or perhaps, for this case, slight reading). The place should be pronounced as, Kopi Cine (as in cine-ma).

This cafe is situated right behind the Kuan Yin temple, the junction of stewart lane, Penang. Never would I expect such a gem behind the alleys of old prewar shop houses.

There were many buncho crayons on the shot glasses for us to scribble on the piece of mahjong paper laid on the table.

Trishwa parked right opposite of the shop
 Since Straits Quay or either Blue Reef was not opened, we decided to try on the food at Kopi Cine (Why did Bon Ton The Shop appeared?).

It says, "Today's special Chicken Pie".
We walked in and asked what was the current promotion. They said the Pie!

But, they dont' have Chicken pies. Instead, it was beef pie. So, why didn't they rubbed it off and just write "Beef Pie"?

 I was reading another blog that the Pie costs RM20. Now it's RM25. Price Hike.

Parmesan Chicken Schnitzel - RM34. Very small piece of chicken.

I'm not being a pervert. But it made me think, if farmers those days wear clothes.

 Gula Melaka Ice Cream with Banana, Banana Bread & Honey Sauce
Ice cream really tasted GOOD!! creamy, soft and sweet..
 Affogato (vanilla ice cream, espresso shot + Frangelico shot) - The taste was indescribable GREAT.
I've never tasted such great affogato before. It had a bitter-feel, sweet and flaming taste, and I call it 3in1 taste!

 Simple meal and it already costs > RM100.
We had an enjoyable evening looking at the period chinese lady and two entertaining waiters.

 I just got to know that Straits Collection is almost like a boutique hotel, with numerous rooms all over the heritage area of Penang.

P/S: Thanks Julie for the last two pictures.


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