Monday, November 29, 2010

Penang, being the Best State in Malaysia

I enjoy Church visiting.
It was one of the Sundays that I thought I should visit another church.
It was a small church with a congregation of less than 100. I didn't manage to do a count, but I think, it was about 50ish.

I was exactly on time. The usher greeted my friend and I and asked if we were first time visitors. Since It was a small church, I guess, it's easy to spot visitors.

They had all a church should have.
Music, Tambourines, dancers, worship team and even a mother's room. It has been a real long time since I heard loud sound of shofars and the tambourines being struck.
But, I felt as if I was in a church in the yester-years since it was still using the over-head projector (OHP).

The pastor reminded me the importance to proclaim and believe.
These are the words he said,

"Malaysia is the best country in the world, and
Penang is the best state in Malaysia".

So, I should also tell myself,
"I am the most beautiful woman in Penang (also in Malaysia, and the world)."

Both of us have our versions of 'The BEST'.

After all, we are ALL beautiful in God's eyes, as God created man in his own image.
All in all, what we see we are is what we perceive ourselves.
So why worry about having that muffin top while wearing one of our favourite Jeans? Or the extra wrinkle or acne scar or even pigmentation (I had one!)?

God had given us the assurance that we are looking good as God sees our heart and not the outward appearance.


Sue said...

nice! another something that reminds me of the need to be thankful and grateful =D

Anonymous said...

ya i agree, i love myself because that is what God has given me, and it is with gratitude that we are able to bring out the best in ourselves - Soo Ling

meiyi said...

Hey Sue (the gorgeous one),
Yeah. Thank God for creating us!

meiyi said...

Soo Ling... please love me too!!!

ww said...

me too!! i also enjoy church visiting!! :)

it's so nice to get to see other parts of the Body of Christ, and get a feel of God's working, outside of our own church walls

meiyi said...

Thanks ww.. we should go church visiting together some day!