Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pinang Peranakan Mansion - Penang's Heritage

As a Penangite, I'm proud to blog about The Pinang Peranakan Mansion. I had some friends from PJ visiting Penang, and could not think of any other place to show them around, but this place!

Since we are required to pay an entry fee of RM10 per person, I might as well share some pics to some who has not been inside. I jokingly asked if there were any discounts for groups, but he said if there were 10 people, we will get a free 1. I saw some crews doing some photo shooting (bridal shooting, model shooting). According to a friend, they only pay RM50 for the whole team for the photo shooting.

 I like the intricate design of the entrance

 I cant remember the name of the game
The beds were really small!

Stickers to play around
The exterior of the building.

The place was pretty ok only, but I'd be glad if it was for free, but then since it comes with a 20 min tour, I guess, our admission fee was used for the maintenance of the building and to pay the guides. But then again, it was pretty difficult for photography (or perhaps, i'm really bad at picture taking *sigh* )


RedCrabby said...

Nice shoots.

meiyi said...

Thanks Redcrabby :)