Monday, November 29, 2010

Ching Han Guan Biscuits from Ipoh

Whenever I go Ipoh, it's always Heong Piah, Dimsum, Salted Chicken and Chicken Hor Fun. Someone offered me Ching Han Guan's Meat Floss Lotus Paste yolk biscuit and the combination was just INCREDIBLE!

They had all my favourite ingredients all in the biscuit. Get me one box if you are going to Ipoh!


Anonymous said...

This is nice rite? I just had 1 this afternoon... yummy hu bak biscuit :D

meiyi said...

hmm.. very nice.. and you are!??
can get 1 box for me?
i want to give some to my mommy to try..

Pei said...

haven't tried before.gv me a piece to try next time u have it ler...;p

meiyi said...

let's go ipoh together :)