Saturday, November 27, 2010

Portraying as a Difficult customer

Few days ago, I had a funny dream.
I dreamt of myself going back to Malacca, a place where I spent for two years.

I went to a shop, and bought ice cream. Apparently, I was allowed to scoop my own flavours and pay based on the amount I took. I think it was RM4.90. I paid and I ate. Then, I was told that they had the wrong pricing (should be more expensive). I screamed and made a scene at the restaurant demanding for the person in charge to speak to me. Nobody bothered. The waiters hid behind, at the kitchen.

Then I thought again, could it be because I had an expensive homemade gula melaka ice cream at Kopi Cine? I told the waiters that the prices shown are overseas prices. (harga seperti berada kat luar negara). And, there was a chinese lady who had a very stern look.

Both linked pretty well. Ice cream + Melaka + expensive + mad lady (I turned into a mad lady).

And, it still bothers me, I was about to leave Melaka, and I have yet to visit Mahkota Parade. Have I been thinking to much of visiting 1st avenue and Straits Quay? Both malls/places opening on 26th Nov 2010.

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