Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Boston Cafe (又一城) in KULIM!

Since its opening last week at Kulim Avenue, Boston (又一城) restaurant has been overwhelmed by the lunch crowd of Kulim Hi Tech office workers. Currently, there is a free drink promotion (only tea, coffee or mix (Yin Yong)) until end of this month. Hurry UP!

I wanna have my second cup of free drink... Just order anything and every customer would be entitled for a free drink.

Food is almost the same as the one in Penang, just that the service was exceptionally slow after 12pm.
(Things usually works perfectly fine on a slow day)

 Baked Rice with a different spelling serviette (Bosston)  RM9.95
I Liked the sambal.

Chicken Ham and Egg Burger with Fries- RM7.95
The burger bun was bad. I prefer McD's muffin bun.
The bun's texture showed there it was bought cheaply from some hypermarts (very bad dough).
Could see the layer of oil from the fries = fattening.

 French Toast RM4.95
I like french toast. I never would have enough of it. But, i think the bread and the toast was not done too well today.

Compared to Old town Kopitiam, IMHO, I prefer Boston for its food.
Compared to Master Choo (at Giant), I prefer Boston for its distance.

Since there is much not options left, I think people would still go for Boston, despite the fact that menu isn't cheap for Kulim's standard.

Way to Go Kulim-ers!


Steven Goh said...

Where is this place actually?is that previously ho town?

meiyi said...

it's the hospital road, the row of shop lots near old town kopitiam. :)