Thursday, January 10, 2008

Year 2008 - A year of hope

I had very funny feeling about year 2008.
I have a very fresh HOPE as compared to the previous years.
The Hope that I could feel JOY in my heart.

As I was reading Luke 23 on Jesus' Crucification, I was reading the verse again and again.
Verse 34: Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing".

In my younger days, I was very much influenced by the HKTVB cantonese kungfu fighting series. Most of it were about different groups of people fighting for fame and power. Even the GOOD ones were revengeful for the past and the presence.

But, as I started my christian walk, I slowly began to learn about FORGIVENESS and NOT To take grudges or being revengeful.

Jesus was forgiving.
Even at his last moments, he asked GOD the father to forgive the men who were crucifying him (partly because he knew that he had to go through all these sufferings to save us from our sins)

And then again.
How about us now?
Should we suffer like Jesus?

People were rude to me.
People were accusing me.
People were taking advantage of me.

Yet, I forgave them.
In fact, I have learnt not to be mad at them, for they REALLY do not know what they were doing.

Also, the part about the crucification that Jesus would take those who BELIEVES him as the Messiah to heaven. Even at the very last moment, the criminal who was crucified together with Jesus asked him to remember him into his kingdom.

If I ever had a baby girl, I would name her "FAITH".. or nickname her "FAY". It's the faith that we strongly believe in Him. And, my baby boy, maybe "Ian"... which means. God is gracious.

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Karen said...

Good to hear that. Keep it up.