Thursday, January 17, 2008

Celebrity Fitness

A diamond-member friend reserved her monthly pass for me.
She's selling at Rm70.

Not a bad deal if i'm looking for short GYM commitments.

I guess I've been thinking too much about it that I started having dreams about the 'new celeb fitness'.

When I first went there 2 years back, I find that it's quite interesting.
New equipment.
Foreign Instructors.
Pretty gals all dressed up.
In my mind, it's all great stuff.

It was a holiday (perhaps, thaipusam or weekend) that I decided to drive there early.
House was on renovation (whose house -> i don't know).
To access to the place, I had to walk in with some sort of device detecting my identification.
Since there is no badge ID, I believe that there is some sort of chip or device detecting me.
Then, everything was dark, that I had to walk in faith in dark space.
I soon reached the receptionist area where they had the registration.
The sad thing was my friend was not around to provide me the pass.
They sort of had my old data and it was manually written on a form.
I started waiting since there wasn't any classes.
I entered another area where there is sort of life simulation game (just like what we see in the Science centres).

Weird huh?
When am I supposed to go there!!?

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