Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Finding the Right Life Partner

Very often, I was always questioned the reasons of my singleness.
Is it because I'm being a pure fussy pot who look for perfect husbands and perfect marriages?

Perhaps, they have not known of my previous short relationships that didn't worked well.
Perhaps, I did not list down carefully what kinda life partner I really want.
I mean, List the ones that I think is important.

I think, for those who are still singles, it's important for us to LIST down the IMPORTANT criterias we want in our life partners, and start earnestly praying and fasting about it.

Let's start doing it TODAY!!
staring 01/01/08....

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Karen said...

God is our matchmaker. He predetermines whom we marry.

"If he wants you to be married, he has one ideal choice in mind. And he works in many mysterious ways to bring you to the one for whom you are destined."