Monday, January 28, 2008

Little Cottage @ Burmah Road

We were deciding, since I have not been to the Little Cottage 1, so I decided to check out the place.
What is she eating?? So yummy meh?

(I think it was the soup of the day)
My turkey ham RM9.90 only.

Mexico Chicken - RM16.90
Chicken Sausage - RM9.90 (not very worth it since it was just baby sausages!)
I didn't like the place, it was smelled of dead oil, and it was dusty and I felt my whole body was soooooo dirty.

Should have gone to Mizi!


Karen said...

eh... at where? don't recall seeing this Little Cottage when passing by.

Food so small portion.. can full ar? Or maybe I am a big eater >.<

mei yi said...

burmah road