Saturday, January 19, 2008

Letter from HELL?

I was browsing some of the videos from, and somestimes, i do wonder, if we should be pushy about evangelizing about Christ. And, would this video actually give a false message to christians to continue to be too pushy about their non-believer friends?

Or should we leave a good testimony, and slowly letting them know about our relationship with GOD?

I couldn't help but dissaprove what the friend said.
Come on, there are tonnes of media (books, internet, pamphlets) and evangelistic meetings/rallies for them. Why would they depend on one christian friend?
The message has been well TOLD.
It's really up to the person to believe.
It's really leaving to God's timing.
We've done our part.
We are not TOO busy handling our lives.
We do share.

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