Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Big Apple Donuts

I could not comprehend how would RM2/donut has such a long queue at the shopping malls.
Penang's Missy Donut is almost catching flies most of the time.

But, it will soon come to Penang!! (at Jusco BM)

There is a variety of flaovours at the display but not all are there.
Most of the waiters are foreign workers.

CNY Box.
Only half a dozen. It already cost Rm9.50.

The donuts at least are not deep fried.
It's fluffy and it has many flavours (good for me)


Karen said...

Haven't heard of Big Apple.
Anyway, if got a chance to try, must try Krispykreme.. since 1937 in US. Had those in Australia..yum. Too bad Malaysia dont have yet.

mei yi said...

let's go gurney and try missy donut ya?