Thursday, January 17, 2008

Good Japanese Food

For about Rm50, you'd be able to enjoy multiple choices of Japanese cuisine.
If we dine before 6.30pm, there will be additional 10%.

Service is so-so.
Just try to flirt and wink at the restaurant manager or the waiters
(the waitress? save it .... they aren't that friendly..)

Desserts would be better during weekends but during weekends, there is time limit.
Weekday -> only one scoop of ice cream.
Weekdays -> no time limit, so, we could eat from 6.30pm till late.
(but i won't do that.... I'd rather let my tummy have some rest after 8pm though)

Overall, it's really not-too-bad for a cheaper deal of Japanese buffet.

Long spread of variety, salmon, roll, tempura, soup, fried stuff
Mostly done.
Sze chuan soup, fried stuff seafood (squid, fish.. etc)


Karen said...

yum yum...

Food again.. always so homia.


mei yi said...

alamak. u also eat more ho laio!