Sunday, April 23, 2006

Why Do Men Have Nipples?

I was tired on thurs morning and I hurried myself to put on my lenses. I had a little discomfort on my left eye but i ignored that and went ahead to work.
At about 7+am, i started messing with my eye and *poof* my lens were gone!!!
Is it on the table? - No
Is it on my desk? - No
Is it stucked somewhere on my hands? - No
Is it on my clothes? - No
Did it dropped on to the carpet floor? -No
I asked my colleagues to start searching hi and lo.. and all our efforts were in vain.
I cant find it anywhere. .:(
Geez. Is it still inside my eyes? I don't know!!!!!!

I spent almost 2 hours digging inside my eyes. Yet, no results found.
I went home and put on my spectacles.
Had breakfast even!
And the incident is still in my head. :(
How ah how ah? Will i be blind?

After work, i went to see a GP and he tried digging my left eye (after dropping anasthetic) with a glass rod and he found nothing.
He said, I must have dropped it.
The trauma was there.

I went to work as usual, feeling a little itch on my left eye.
I had my glasses on. Indeed, I did look a little nerdy. lolz. :D

On Sat at work, I still felt uneasy with the whole incident and decided to seek for 2nd opinion.
The doctor said that my pupils reflexes were fine and there were no redness, which means, I was safe, because contact lens are designed to be worn for 12 hours. Anything more than that could cause redness in the eye. OK. I trust you. I don't need an eye specialist to inspect my eye with their special microscopic eye equipment.

I went to Popular and found this book, "Why do Men have Nipples?"
The title did attracted my eyes and started reading the part, "Does contact lens go behind our head?" Answer is no. The book did say that there are cases where people are rushed to ER to get the lens removed and there are some cases where none is found. Where is those lens? Of course, it's dropped. I love that book. Cleared my doubts. *Phew*

My status for MSN is still "Lens Lost Forever".
It's a mystery to me.
I only wore it 3 times and now it's gone for good.
I'm going to throw the other side.

I'm going to wear specs for another month before putting on the lens again. :D

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