Monday, March 27, 2006

My Life Begins here..

Weather: Cloudy
Mood: Still Happy

Last time, I have the other blogspot address whereby I blog my thoughts and my frust and my worries there. Today, with this blogger ID, i'm going to write my life journal with God. Though it's going to be a little inconsistent (as said), I'd keep this til the rest of my life.

After visiting Popular Bookshop with the intial motive of getting a technical writing book, I end up walking to Tesco, getting my box of HL low-fat milk that comes with a free gift - Vitagen.
Felt tired after standing up for 1 hour browsing the books and magazines (Seventeen April Edition Talks about how to get over a break up) -> and that was what I wanted -> to SLeeP well later! Indeed, after a sweet prayers with God, I was glad glad glad that I had a full 6 hours of wonderful sleep. Thank you, Jesus!

I've got Mark Harris and 4Him!

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