Friday, June 09, 2006

Discovery Trip

Guess I'm back to my old-self, being the an inconsistent blogger.
Probably, I've nothing to update or nothing much to say... or rather, i don't want to say it here.

Singapore was truly an eventful trip. A discovery trip.
(ya, rite. i went to the Singapore Discover Centre and it was closed!!!)

Few encounters that i truly enjoyed:
1) Taking bus trips
- to SDC
- to Singapore Science Centre
- to Sentosa

2) Going to their local supermarkets and shopping malls
- like Fair price
- getting cheap tee-shirts (Giordano for SGD5)
- seeing Ben&Jerry ice cream everywhere
- cheaper Dorothy Perkins products

3) Looking at Geylang chics
- i get to see many, many china call girls as well as the transvestites!
- a real eye opener!! i've not seen so many, and at the same time enjoying the food

4) Tasted their food
- toasted kaya bread - hm.. not bad! but quite costly SGD1.60 for 2 slices
- tasted their kopi-O - exactly the same as in malaysia
- BUrger King bacon and turkey ham - quite rich.. something we can't find in BK in malaysia
- Beef Koay teow - just like our wat tan hor
- Prawn mee - Penang is still the best!

5) Walking around town
- imagine from city hall to suntec city to Marina square to esplanade to chinatown.....
- clarke quay to boat quay to raffles city...!!
- orchard road sommerset to orchard station!!
- phew! that's crazie.. poor legs.

6) attended Church
- sigh. i was in the overflow room cause I was not 'early'

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