Monday, April 17, 2006

KL Trip

It was indeed a spontaneous trip where I did not considered where I wanted to go, or what I wanted to do. I was aimless.

I bought bus tickets for the day. Told my bro to drop me off and I was almost late. I reached puduraya and walked to Pasar Seni LRT (as if it's a routine).
I reached KLCC and met up for lunch @Madam Kwan.
I walked for almost 3 hours around KLCC. Kinokuniya books are wrapped! How can I read all of them? I walked around and was amazed with the sale in Mambo. Managed to find a pink tee. Geez. I looked almost like those school girls in the shop.

Silly me, I was trying to go online in starbucks but wireless connection was sucky. I can't even read about proxy, router, hub and switch. Poor me. No wonder I sounded so bad at interviews.

Since I'm trying hard to watch my weight, I had fish for dinner. Sadly, we ordered such the platter set in Manhanttan fish market. I controlled myself so much that I refused to finish up the garlic rice served on the pan. Haha!

At night, it was boring as my friend is away from Easter practice. I was left with a DVD. Completed it and slept before she was home.

The next day.. HOooray! Menara Standard Chartered here I come. Then, 1U.. here I come!! Then the Curve... here i Come!!
That's the end of me. I had fish and fish and fish. Jack's place was fish. Hooked was fish. Everything else is fishy.

The ending of the story is pure carelessness. I bought the wrong bus tickets! I had to put on a pathetic face and the person gave me half price to go back to Penang. How sad. :(

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