Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Penang Hill Here I Come

I finally achieved hiking up Penang Hill.
It's one of the things that I wanted to do but never did.
I realised that it's not as tough as I thought it was initially.
Glad that I finally did it.

My day started as I dragged myself up at 7.20am as I wait for my colleague to pick me up. Standing as high as 168ft tall, we started our counters at 8.08am. The other guy was cool munching his sausage bun with his sunglasses. Soon after we turned to the corner for a little rest at the little hut, he stopped eating and removed his sunglasses. Oh no.. we had a little more and he gave up!! He asked for the car keys and prepared to go home!

Threes a crowd, Twos a company.
Now, leaving the both of us, marching bravely to complete the hike!
Not too long, we reached at the rest area with roti-tiao dipped in kopi-O.
Arhhh.... Nice aroma. It has been ages since I had that.
My friend wanted to rest more before we continue the journey.
He said he was too heavy to push himself up. Lolz.
This time, we continued without stopping. As we go higher and higher, I was able to see fog and my heart was overjoyed when I see one of the colonial bungalows!

I was like shouting, "we are reaching.. we are reaching!"

It took us another 5-10 mins to see the Post office and the hotel. And soon, I see a lot of tourists walking around. Sad that I didn't had a camera with me. But, I made-do with what I had - my old, faithful t610.

We almost walked the whole area and rested at the Ice-Kacang stall.
Thank God that we did not need to hike all the way down since we managed to take the train down....

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