Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The more consistent blogger

I think I'm turning myself into the more consistent blogger.
Yesterday, I had a phone interview and I think I almost made a fool of myself for not knowing my facts well, and for not having enough preparation and study for it.
I was actually having cold sweats when they asked me about IP, subnet, Router and switch!
Anyway, it's time for me to think about my life.. again..

I'm glad that things are over. I'm now renewed and afresh.
I find that my love for God is renewing everyday.

Would Jesus really able to touch the aching place of mine, which others would never be able to see or touch it?
I don't know, but in the times of dissapointment and failure, when I turn to Jesus, He would be able to provide me strength and joy in my heart.

Last night, they asked the differences between joy and happiness.
I think Joy is when we are able to smile at the storm.

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