Thursday, April 27, 2006

aFt3r a t3nni5 gam3....

I only played tennis casually a few times in my entire life.
I guess, this is like my perhaps.. my 3rd time?

Since, I had problem aiming and hitting the tennis balls. I could see that the ball is beside me yet I did know how to aim it with the racquet.

The rest of them were playing doubles and I was practising myself with the wall.
I gained more confidence and was able to hit whenever the balls come to me. Just that, the controlling part was a little too difficult me. I guess, I need Practice Practice Practice.

I headed for a cuppa Rasberry Ice blended Tea Frappucino @Starbucks after a quick shower. It was like 11pm+ and I was deep asleep until having a very disturbed dream.

There were 3 dogs.
The big one, the big hairy one, and a cutie palm size one.
The big one was like my foot rest. I rested my foot on it, as if it's a nice cushion.
The hairy one was dyed with white paint and it kept running around - I'm kinda scared of it.
The small one kept crawling around me.. yucks... just like ratssss~!!

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