Saturday, July 01, 2006

Compressing Outlook PST

It took about 1 week for me to finally clear out my old company's mailbox.
Size was like super, duper, gigantic huge... say 2GB? 1000 mails unread?

I finally cleared all the unnecessary emails, esp notification emails and daily/weekly/monthly reports.
I took a look at my C:\Documents and Settings\mleong2\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook, and it was no way to even burn all those into the disk or at least transfer the data to my pc at home. That's like crazie.

So, i started deleting and deleting and deleting.
Some file size decreased, after shutting down and all. Some psts remained huge.

Thanks to I started searching for the method and finally was adviced to use the "Compress" button.
Pretty useful!


Anonymous said...


Anthony said...

er... ever heard of DVD+R?

mei yi said...

i don't have DVD writer lerr..
u mean i could write to DVD-R with existing combo?
haih..... i'm so un-techie..
no wonder i'm stucked. :(