Sunday, April 16, 2006

Afternoon sleep = weird dreams

Few things that I dislike about being in graveyard shift:
1) Makan Time screwed up
2) Sleeping time screwed up
3) No chance for exercise
4) Body gets tired
5) Acne outbreak (sometimes)
6) Social life is within my shift mates
7) No interaction even with my family members
8) Dark eye circles
9) Less productive at work

and reason no. 10..
B-A-D D-R-E-A-M-S (i think the list could go on and on).

Just this afternoon, I was a little influenced by the Star's article on Friday about supernatural/spirit sightings. Many people see "figures" while jungle trekking or even on a day broadlight.
And me, after coming back from Easter service and lunch with church mates..... I tidor-ed and dreamt about hanging out in a hotel place for retreat with cg mates, but later, I was left alone with my colleague and another person (i think it was my sister). We heard shreaking sound of table/chair moving from the room. We saw a white figure peeping at us from the window.

I prayed for protection and covering.

Since my colleague was facing the door, she saw the figure walked out. She looked horrible, just like the girl in Corpse Bride. We braved ourselves and questioned her presence. She was heart-broken. She was dumped by the same guy. They used to be very loving couple. It was a very pictorial description, just like how we watched in the movie when ghosts tell us stories.

It's weird that I travelled back to the past. Perhaps, a few years ago. I saw how loving her guy was. I confronted him to take care of her. Then.... phone call!! My friend called me about notebooks??? !! Geez, i asked her to get the Rm2k+ instead of RM3k+. hehHEheHehe... I tried getting back to sleep but couldn't any longer... :P

-nightmare in penang-

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