Sunday, October 24, 2010

Penguins at St Kilda

It has been more than one month since I have blogged about Melbourne, and I'm not done with all of the posts yet. And with a good rested weekend, I am determined to continue to blog about it. It's just too much to talk about (and of course to share to others).

It's strange that many didn't know that there are penguins to see at St Kilda. I got to know about it from a Taiwanese (on working holiday) on our way back from the Great Ocean Road. I have always enjoy talking to people in a coach (since my sis was sleeping then).

I was actually contemplating to go to Philip Island as it was quite expensive (~AUD100). Thus, I opted for St Kilda instead. Although it was not as good as the Philip Islands, but watching the phenomena of the penguins running into the rocks was just phenomenal!

As I walked along the platforms, I see signboards to the St Kilda Breakwater.
 Waited at the bath house before sunsets.

No Flash Photography.

Despite having many signboards educating visitors not to use flash while snapping pictures of the penguins, there are still some ignorants distracting the penguins.

There were volunteers assisting the visitors and ensuring that we were abiding the rules.

Penguin hiding while it was still bright.

One of the volunteers assisted some red lights for me to capture the penguins. It was almost pitch dark.

It's really easy to get to St kilda. Just hop into one of the trams that says "St Kilda".

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