Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shark Fin Group at Chinatown, Melbourne CBD

It was one of my last few days in Melbourne and my friend asked if there is anywhere else that I would like to go. I thought about it, since we are chinese, why not visit the Chinatown and dine in one of their famous typical chinese restaurant for a good dimsum breakfast.

We landed at Shark Fin Group.

 Since it's a typical chinese restaurant, people like to be there early to queue up. Some even called up for reservations. There was a chinese lady trying to cut queue and was harshly stopped by an angmoh.

Angmoh Man: Hey, the queue is there.
Chinese Lady: We've made reservations
Angmoh Man: So did I!

Well did he made reservations? We don't know. I didn't.
The queue was fast moving and very soon, we were seated upstairs.

 While waiting for our turns to be seated :)
 Chicken feet, which most people find it gross.
 We were seated by the window. Had a good view.
 Some prawn dumplings
 perhaps these were sui kows..
 My all-time favourite. Char Siu Pau. BBQ Pork Bun.
 Egg tarts
 Some deep fried BBQ Pork
 Har kow. Prawn Dumpling.

 Chee Cheong Fun.
Deep Fried Prawn-stuff.

Dining in this place made me felt as if I was in a chinese country, all could speak cantonese/mandarin very well. :)

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