Sunday, October 03, 2010

Blogfest.Asia 2010 at Penang

It's Blogfest.Asia 2010 weekend. Am glad I'm able to make it for the event.
Since it's partly sponsored by Malaysian Tourism and Penang State Government and other sponsors, I supported the event by registering myself ;)

What more, at least, I'm able to hear the sharings and opinions from other bloggers, or to get exposure on how New Media works now not only for blogging, but for organizations and learning institutions.

I came by a very interesting session on Journalism vs Blogging. That triggered me on the importance to write on facts as close as possible; to draw the correct picture to the audience.

Before the today's dinner, they even invited the Chingay association to come by.

Last night, we had a welcome dinner at QEII, a buffet spread with free flow of cordial/buffet.
While mingling around, I actualy boldly walked into Chin Stylish Cuisine for some pictures. Some day, I would want to try what food could they offer me. :)

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